Ditte Ejlerskov - Can You Hear Me?

Saturday 09 February, kl 12:00 pm - Sunday 07 April, kl 06:00 pm

The exhibition Can You Hear Me? presents a series of paintings, an audio piece, and a video work about the artist’s connection with the motifs depicted, her privileges as a white woman, and the conflict between being critical of this and yet living within it.


Vivian Caccuri - A Soul Transplant

Saturday 09 February, kl 12:00 pm - Sunday 07 April, kl 06:00 pm

Vivian Caccuri uses sound in her installations as a vehicle to combine experiments in sensory perception with issues relating to histories of colonization. A Soul Transplant is a sound and light installation, exploring stories about the interdependencies between humans and mosquitoes.


CREATE: Sound, buzz and contemporary art

Sunday 07 April, kl 03:00 pm - 05:00 pm

Let´s make a sound piece together!


Art Walk Majorna

Friday 12 April, kl 12:00 pm - Sunday 14 April, kl 06:00 pm

Experience artwork such as sculpture, painting, jewelery and graphics made by local professional artists and crafters.


BFA Photography Exhibition: Valand Academy

Saturday 27 April, kl 12:00 pm - Sunday 19 May, kl 06:00 pm

Sweden's only BFA Photography program exhibits their breadth of contemporary photographic storytelling.


Per Svensson – Alchemy – The All Seeing Eye

Wednesday 05 June, kl 12:00 pm - Sunday 18 August, kl 06:00 pm

During the summer Röda Sten Konsthall transforms into an art lab where given systems will be questioned and examined trough Per Svenssons drawings and sculptures.


GIBCA 2019: Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art

Saturday 07 September, kl 12:00 pm - Sunday 17 November, kl 06:00 pm

It's getting closer! The 10th edition of Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art opens on September 7th 2019.