A creative place where you can join to our workshops, make graffiti, listen to music, grill and much more!

When? Wednesdays from 14.00 to 19:00
Where? In our outdoor workshop beside Röda Sten Konsthall building.

Everything is free! We want everyone to be with us!

For you who is 12-20 years old.

12 June: Graffiti test
For you who wants to start in this technic and needs advice or for those who have never painted at all! 
16 June: Create and Skate
Paint your skateboard, your sneakers or something else. And skate! Skate-coachers will be there to help you. In collaboration with the Swedish Skateboard Association.
26 June: Live under bron!
Live music festival under the Älv Bridge. Organize by En Droppe Bas in collaboration with Arena 29 and Röda Sten Konsthall.
För all ages! (From 16.00 to 21.00)
3 July Batik & Shibori
Try new technics for knitting and folding and dip textiles in colours!
10 July Cyanotype
Transform a tree leave or whatever you choose into photographies thanks to the sunlight.
17 July - Graffiti. Forms and Formulas
We draw and paint on the Draken Wall.
24 July - Paint with acrilic and watercolor
We will get inspired by old and contemporary symbols and signs to paint on watercolor paper and cloths.
31 July Graffiti – Patterns and Intuition
Act without thinking to much! Follow your instincts and paint on the Draken wall.
7 August Paint with painting rolls 
We provide different sizes of painting rolls to prove them on the Draken wall.
14/8 Graffiti – Statement
Share an important message for you and practis your lettering skills.
Can we help you with unnecesary obstacles?Contac us in advance or talk to the teachers in place!
See you on Wednesdays!