2018.08.12 - 2018.08.12

Performative Lecture: Elsewhen with Simon Faithfull

A performative lecture looking at the history, allure and possible evaporation of the place called Nowhere and imaging a point outside time called Elsewhen.

The last piece of the global atlas to be filled-in was the empty white continent of Antarctica. Since this landmass was finally traversed and mapped there now remains no ’Terra Incognita’ left on this planet. Given that the grid of measured time and space on this planet is now complete, this lecture asks: where is Nowhere? and when is Elsewhen? Simon Faithfull’s practice has been described as an attempt to understand and explore the planet as a sculptural object – to test its limits and report back from its extremities. His performative lectures takes off from his artistic projects.

12 Aug, 3pm

The lecture is in English.

Photo: Hendrik Zeitler

About the exhibition:

Röda Sten Konsthall's Summer exhibition (9 June-19 August) deals with the limitations of language. We depend on language to make contact, to share experiences. We also turn to language in our struggle to both describe and understand the world we live in. But sometimes there are no words… and other forms of expression are called upon. The works by Carlos Amorales, Erkan Özgen and Carla Zaccagnini, gather around silences, at the point where we sense the limits of language and the urge to tell a story differently begins.