Artist talk �sa Elzen

2019.10.23 - 2019.10.23

Artist Talk: Åsa Elzén

Artist talk with Åsa Elzén about her artwork developed for the biennial and her recent research

Wednesday, 23 October 6–7:30 pm
Röda Sten Konsthall
In Swedish

Meet artist Åsa Elzén in a conversation about her artwork developed for the biennial, Transcript of a Fallow, and the themes it touches upon—the relation between various understandings of time; other-than-human time, human time and economic time and the need to rethink our economic and social models for sustainable futures outside the logic of increased productivity. Åsa Elzén has researched in various projects the legacy of the Women Citizen’s School at Fogelstad. Inspired by the beliefs and practices of the feminist collective, the artist revisits a carpet commissioned at Fogelstad in 1919 and transcribes the piece reflecting on the beliefs it embodies: the notion of pause and the conflicting relation between productivity and ecology.


Transcript of a Fallow (work in progress)
Appliqué, recycled textile 
470 x 600 cm 

Transcript of the carpet En Träda (“A Fallow”), tapestry, wool, linen, 470 x 600 cm, 1919–1920, by Elisabeth Tamm at Fogelstad who conceived the idea and commissioned, by Maja Fjaestad who conceptualized and composed, by Amelie Fjaestad who weaved.