2019.07.07 - 2019.07.07

Guided tour

Every Sunday at 16. Take a tour of the exhibition, along with one of our art educators! Make questions, speak up your mind, and talk with us on art and the exhibitions.

About the ongoing exhibition Alchemy - The All-Seeing Eye (5 June-18 August):

This summer neighbour, artist and musician Per Svensson (b.1965) comes to Röda Sten Konsthall with his exhibition Alchemy - The All-Seeing Eye. This exhibition, a coproduction between Färgfabriken and Röda Sten Konsthall, started out from the artist’s close connection to both venues. Per Svensson worked for many years with a group of artists in the former carbonic acid factory, next door to Färgfabriken in Stockholm, whereas today  he has his studio in the former sugar factory in Klippan, in the vicinity of Röda Sten Konsthall in Gothenburg.
The video work The All-Seeing Eye, produced specifically for this exhibition, manifests the important role of alchemy in Per Svensson’s artistic practice. Alchemy was the mixing of elements in a creative act, at a time when different areas of knowledge were not separated in disciplines. For Per Svensson, alchemy is to do your own thing, “it is to walk your own path, to trace your own drawing, to not stop the poetry”.
Per Svensson’s art emerges from developing a close relationship between precise scientific observations of nature and poetic uses of natural phenomena. Neither observation nor contemplation alone can decode the mysteries of nature and of being. This dialogue is the starting point of Alchemy – The All-Seeing Eye, a broad and generous presentation of Svensson´s art practice where architectural installations, video works, artefacts, sound pieces, and more than a hundred drawings offer a glimpse to the artist's creative process.

About No Way Out (5 June-4 August):

In the 1970s, Miguel Angel Ríos escaped the military dictatorship in Argentina and emigrated to Mexico and United States. Central to many of his works is the critique of manmade divisions, borders and discrimination.
There is a haunting sense of urgency in the poetic juxtapositions of nature, movement and matter in the work of Miguel Angel Ríos. The restless and sometimes anguished actions of the protagonists suggest an attempt to escape from an imminent danger or threat, the source of which remains off-screen and not revealed to the spectator. With the choice of striking settings and situations, Ríos creates real and symbolic narratives of resistance to forms of political, cultural and geographical forms of domination. The charged poignancy and dramaturgy of his works renders them both particular and universal.
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