2018.11.07 - 2018.11.07

WORKSHOP: PULSE – with the artist Mary Coble

Join the artist in writing messages to be sent out through Gothenburg in Morse Code.

The artist Mary Coble proposes in the exhibition the work PULSING Gothenburg, through which messages are transmitted in Morse code over the river Göta. Messages are written and sent by all those who want to share their thoughts and opinions. On Saturday, 10 November, the artist will conduct a live performance where all messages, in form of pulsing light, will spread over Gothenburg. Do you want to participate and decide what will be communicated through the city?

Mary Coble hosts two workshops where you, together with others, can decide what is important for you to be communicated in the city on 10 November. Register for one or both the workshops by emailing our colleague Ola: oc@rodastenkonsthall.se. We await with coffee and cake!