2016.11.01 - 2016.11.04


During the autumn break three favorite themes will be featured - plus one open studio day to work on a project of your choice.

The AUTUMN BREAK WORKSHOP will be held at Röda Sten Konsthall 1-4 November, Tuesday-Friday from 1-5 pm. We will provide snacks every day. The workshop is for those from 12-19 years old and it’s free to participate. Information on how to register can be found at the bottom of the text.

Tuesday 1/11 1-5 pm. Batik!

Dye fabric and create patterns! Bring 1-5 white/light colored fabrics or clothes that you want to dye. Pillowcases, cloth bags etc. work well for this.  

Wednesday 2/11 1-5 pm. ANIMATION!

Create your own animated short film with clay, drawings, scenery and cameras.

Thursday 3/11 1-5 pm. Graffiti!

Learn about different styles! Sketch, make stencils and (weather permitting) paint on Draken – Gothenburg’s only legal graffiti wall.

FRIDAY 4/11 1-5 pm. FREE STUDIO!

Draw, paint and sculpt freely from your own ideas or with inspiration from the exhibition The Warm, the Cool and the Cat shown at Röda Sten Konsthall!



Registration is required for the autumn break workshop, and you should be able to come to all of the days. There are limited places – so first come, first served!

Register to Sara Lorentzon:
E-mail: sl@rodastenkonsthall.se
Phone: 031-12 08 46

Please send your name, age, phone number and e-mail address of the participant and/or of an adult contact person. We would also like to know which part of the city you live in.
Do you have allergies or is there anything we should know about to avoid unnecessary obstacles? Let us know and we’ll solve it in the best way we can!
Sara will be in touch to confirm if you have a place in the workshop.