Borderline Offensive Three Migrants in a Boat

2019.08.14 - 2019.08.14

Performance with Three migrants in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Smuggler)

Would you like to search for refugees in the dark, or have fun with a smuggler? Come to performance workshop Röda Sten Konsthall (third floor)

In the middle of the night, three people are smuggled into the Schengen area in a boat on the river Maritsa, along the Border of Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria. The smuggler just wants it to feel like a pleasant boat ride, and the border patrols lurk in the dark.
In this performance with media artist Petko Dourmana from Bulgaria, you can interact with the smuggler, listen to the refugees in the boat, talk loudly so that the border patrol can hear you or “people watch” through your infrared night vision devices.
What role will you play? You can also be invisible and confess your fears – about the unknown, the uncertain or the different. The smuggler won’t judge, only history will.
Where: third floor
When: 17:00- 19:00
Drop- in, no sign up necessary. Starts with Turkish coffee and baklava.
Petko Dourmana is a media artist working with technology and new media as well as in the area of art and technology since 1996. He is also interested in pedagogy and research projects, production and distribution of experimental art practices for the development of civil society in Bulgaria.

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