Människan och maskinen

2019.09.25 - 2019.09.25

Podcast: Människan och maskinen

Discussion about the history of science and culture

Wednesday, 25 September 7–8 pm
Röda Sten Konsthall
In Swedish

Radio journalist Eric Schüldt has been speaking with Per Johansson, a PhD in human ecology, as part of the radio program and podcast Man and the Machine (Människan och maskinen) in a series of conversations about the history of science and the history of culture. Over the course of twenty radio programs, their discussion has ranged from Isaac Newton’s ideas about the world as a clockwork universe that man could examine, measure, and master to René Descartes’s division between inner and outer worlds and to questions about the human soul and today’s threat to the climate. This year’s edition of GIBCA, Part of the Labyrinth, has found inspiration in similar ideas.

At Röda Sten Konsthall, Eric Schüldt and Per Johansson meet in a conversation inspired by the biennial’s artworks, theme, and issues.

You can listen to the radio podcast here: sverigesradio.se/manniskanochmaskinen