2018.10.24 - 2018.10.24

Mina Dennert On #jagärhär

A talk on how to show solidarity and create empowerment in response to online hate speech.

Mina Dennert is journalist and founder of the network #jagärhär (#iamhere) that inspired many to fight for a democratic and inclusive society. Through the homonym facebook group the network fights against fake news, alternative facts, hate speech and aggresive online comments targetting minorities. 

The struggle for freedom of expression and the online political hatespeech are closely connected to notions like propaganda, filter bubbles and inaccurate facts.

#jagärhär is a manifestation of civil courage and a solution to showing solidarity. It is a way to empower by responding and standing up when others are exposed to hate speech and threat. A way to stop polarization by taking the political discussion in a constructive way.

Mina Dennert, our guest for the evening, has been also awarded for her impressive activist work. #jagärhär won an Equalisters distinction (Rättviseförmedlingens Rättvisepris), was named The Social Actor of the Year, Integration Initiative of the Year Prize at the Faktum Galla in 2016, Initiative of the Year 2017. Mina Dennert won also the Anna Lindh prize in 2017.