2018.11.03 - 2018.11.03

Performance by Echo Morgan

Join us for a performance on vulnerability, beauty and violence.

Two performances in the exhibition are organized in collaboration with Live Action, an international performance and arts festival.

Echo Morgan is a performance artist based in London, with origins in ChendDu in South West China. Through performance and film, the artist explores the connection between violence, beauty and vulnerability. She investigates how these seemingly contrasting ideas affect the understanding of 'the Self' and the body. In her performance work, Morgan often transforms the surface of the body using symbols of Chinese traditional iconography. She invites the viewer to participate in the works and from their vulnerability and unease she gathers the strength for the performance. Echo Morgan's performance work seeks to generate a symbiotic relationship with the audience, a relationship based on control and power. 

When: 3 November 1-3.30 pm