2016.10.12 - 2016.10.12

Talk: Plastic Imaginaries

Kristina Lindström and Åsa Ståhl talk about how plastic affects the nature in incredible and new ways.

In this talk Kristina Lindström and Åsa Ståhl will discuss plastic imaginaries by looking back at visions that came with plastics when it first started to be used and how those visions are challenged today. Their discussion is based on a series of events where the public has been invited to engage with two recent findings related to plastics. The first one is a new geological entity called plastiglomerates that consist of stone, plastics, sand, corals and more. The second one is that common mealworms can biodegrade Styrofoam. Both these examples trouble the division between nature and humans as well as the natural and the artificial, but invites us to imagine ways of living with or without plastics differently.


Kristina Lindström, Malmö University, and Åsa Ståhl, Linnéuniversitetet, are both artists and researchers. They have worked together for over a decade and have written a collaborative thesis on publics and making at Malmö University. Since then they have continued to work together in the international artistic research project HYBRID MATTERs where they are currently inquiring into expressions of the Anthropocene. This work, Plastic Imaginaries, as well as much of their other work, has been published and exhibited nationally as well as internationally. See www.misplay.se and http://invitations.hybridmatters.net

Every Wednesday evening throughout the exhibition there will be presented a series of exciting talks. As an extension of the theme Anthropocene and the thoughts raised in Yoldas’ exhibition, the talks will take us beyond our modern society - discussing new ways of living for a new age.

Each evening begins with a short lecture or workshop. You can actively participate in the conversation that follow, or choose to just listen.

The programs start at 6 and are up to 2 hours.
Free entry.

The talk is presented in collaboration with Folkuniversitetet.