2016.10.05 - 2016.10.05

Talk: Posthumanities Masculinities in Anthropocene

Martin Hultman will talk about the relationship between the climate catastrophe and the Industrial-, Ecomodern- and Ecological Masculinities.

In this seminar Industrial-, Ecomodern- and Ecological Masculinities in times of climate catastrophe are discussed along the lines of a posthumanities ontology. There is a trend in the humanities to focus on materiality in forms of climate change, companion species and environmental issues. This comes together with interest in Indigenous scholarship, Deleuze & Guattari, Haraway, Serres, Barad as well as the popularity of research areas such as Science &Technology Studies, Animal Studies and Environmental Humanities. What have been called ’nature’ cannot pre-exist as such, but neither is its existence purely ideological or socially constructed. ‘Nature’ should be understood as a commonplace, affected in the actions among material~semiotic actors, humans and non-humans.

We acknowledge that the social and environmental problems we now face present enormous challenges simultaneously. The problems are created by rich in the most “developed” states - which includes advancement in economy as well as in science and education – countries which now require the equivalent of three planets or more to support their industries, societies and. Ecofeminist have for a long time argued this to be the result of Western patriarchal structures. At the same time it seems as though it is the same men who are either climate sceptics or at-best reformist leaders of climate negotiations, who hold top management positions in global companies, and design geo-engineering planetary solutions to the world’s environmental problems.


Associate professor Martin Hultman work as lecturer at Linköping University, Sweden. As a scholar and citizen he is involved in local environmental politics in forms of ecotourism, ridesharing, rights of nature and public seminars also being co-ordinator of Environmental PostHumanities and SweMineTech research networks. He has edited special issues about environment in the leading gender journal TGV in Sweden as well as on ecopreneurship in Small Business Journal. Publications include Posthumanitiska NyckeltexterThe Making of an Environmental Hero: A History of Ecomodern Masculinity, Fuel Cells and Arnold SchwarzeneggerDiscourses of Global Climate Change and A green fatwā? Climate change as a threat to the masculinity of industrial modernity. His current research revolves around issues such as posthumanities ethics, ecofeminism, environmental utopias and ecopreneurship. At the moment he is writing a book together with Paul Pulé regarding Ecological Masculinities

Every Wednesday evening throughout the exhibition there will be presented a series of exciting talks. As an extension of the theme Anthropocene and the thoughts raised in Yoldas’ exhibition, the talks will take us beyond our modern society - discussing new ways of living for a new age.

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