Be part of creating the future!


Contributions to Röda Stens Future Foundation creates opportunities to implement specific initiatives in the operation. When a goal is reached, everyone who have made a donation will be invited for a special celebration!
Everyone who contributes will be remembered through a mention on Röda Sten website. Both large and small donations are welcome! Donors who donate over 5000 SEK are presented by name on a separate plaque in the building's entrance.
Follow these steps: Insert your donation on Plusgiro Number: 814329-9. Mark the payment with your name, address, e-mail and "Donation".
Over the years, successive improvements of the building have been made and the sights are now set on improving the exhibition rooms. The opportunity to introduce even more exciting exhibits is the goal. A first
investment for Rödasten Future Foundation is to get a new light blackout system for the exhibition hall the Cathedral.
For more information, please contact:
Mia Christerdotter Norman
Director Röda Sten Konsthall


Thanks to those who donated to Röda Sten Konsthall development:
Anita & Arne Pineus
Anna-Britta Holgén
Anna-Greta Berglund
Bernhard von Below
Birgit Jacobsson
Birgitta Bergman
Björn Lager
Bob Kelly
Brith Sällström
Carin Weine
Carl-Anton Holmgren
Dag Andersson
Eva-Li Saarväli
Filippos Frangos
Gun Lund & Lars Persson
Göran Holgén
Henrikke Baumann
Ingvar Adolfsson
Isebell Andersson
Jan Skoglund
John Islander
Jonas Husberg
Karl-Erik Bodner
Kerstin Holmberg
Kerstin Smith
Knut Irwe
Lars Bergman
Leif Svensson
Lena & Folke Edwards
Lisbeth Jonsson
Lisen Karling
Maimo Baumann
Maj-Britt & Bengt Berg
Mats Josefsson
Mimmi Baumann-Skoglund
Mons Skoglund
Niclas Baumann
Peter Falk
Peter Hjörne
Pia & Willy Göthberg
Ralph Holmström
Regina & Kent Nydéus
Sissi Baumann
Stella & Eandas Frangos
Sören Mannheimer